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Travelling to Turkey

Why Choose Turkey as your Destination


Travelling to Turkey...

Why Choose Turkey as your Destination:

Turkey is one of the world’s top 10 destinations for travel because of its culture, art, cuisine, historical points of interest & favorable climate. Turkey’s history goes back to 25,000 years ago during the age of Ottomans, Romans, Mongols & other crusaders. It has kept its history well managed, developed and accessible to people all over the world.

Modern Turkey has many special activities like water sports, yachting, hiking, mountain climbing & the most famous air-ballooning. These activities would attract any tourist who has an extended list of activities on their list. Turkish cuisine is now world famous and has made its mark in the international world stage as a heritage of Ottoman empire and described as a mixture of Central Asian, Middle Eastern & Balkan tastes. It also left its mark on many cuisines in the Western Europe because of its culinary traditions and unforgettable spices.

These factors all come together and present us with a great journey to discover by visiting this contested land in the world and revel in good food, good people, good climate, and good nightlife.

When is the best Time to go:

Spring (April, May, through mid-June) is prime time for tourists who like to escape the travel rush because the weather is pleasant and warm, the days are long. April is known to be rainy and can get cold.

Summer (mid-June, July, August, through mid-September) is very hot in all five of Turkey's climatic regions. Rain is not expected often and can get cool inland in the evenings. AUTUMN
Autumn (mid-September through October) is favorable in the temperature & travel rush dies down. It considered being second best time of the year for travel but the days on average are shorter and rain might begin in October.

Winter (November, December, January, February, March) is a quite season out of the year since weather keeps its chill with periodical rain everywhere except the southeast. If you are planning to save money, it’s the best season to travel due to its lower prices and fewer tourists.

Obtaining VISA to Turkey

To enter Turkey, you will need a valid passport and like any other country, you would need a visa at the moment of entry into a foreign country. There is a surcharge for every VISA obtain for an entry to Turkey which depends on the country of an origin. For example, if you are UK & Ireland citizen, you will be charged 15 pounds, US citizens - $20, Australians and New Zealanders - $5 and others do the same depending on a country. Tourists VISAs are for multiple entries and last for three months from the date of the date of the issue. You are forbidden to get involved in any employment while you are on the Turkish territory. There is a possibility of the visa extension but it is allowed only once during your stay. You can submit your request to Foreigners Department of the Security Division (name in Turkish) which takes around couple of weeks to be approved. For further information, please visit; Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Customs and Inspection Points

Turkey's customs have allied with EU, most European travelers are allowed to bring electronics gadgets and other objects without listing them in their passports. There are duty free limits which need to be followed and must be reported at the customs like alcohol and tobacco. All custom's rules are listed in the Istanbul Ataturk Airport. There are penalties existent for trying to smuggle antiques and rare specimens which will be punished by jail time and/or large fines.
Climate: The Mediterranean climate, with its hot summers and mild winters, prevails in the Istanbul Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean coastal regions
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