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Ataturk Airport

Adresse: İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı 34149 Yeşilköy  
Telefon: +90 212 465 5555
Fax: +90 212 465 5050
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Ataköy - Yeşilköy - Florya

Ataturk Airport Detaillierte Informationen

Shopping | Food & Beverage | Accomodation | Transportation


Ataturk Airport is located in Yesilkoy, on the European side of Istanbul. It is 28 kilometers to the city center (Sirkeci) and only 4 - 4 ½ kilometers from the sea.

In the wide, spacious, neat and exclusive Duty Free Stores, on an area of over 5300m², with all the shopping facilities, there is a wide range of products, over 25,000 items of reference.

In the Arrivals Terminal, there are two different and symmetrical Duty Free Stores for main duty free items; the VINTAGE store, selling mainly the select wines of the world, but also including 10 best selling products and varieties of chocolate, perfumes and other alcoholic drinks; GOLDEN TOUCH, where accessories of different brands are offered for sale; and the GOURMET CORNER offering different culinary delights from all over the world.

In the Departures Terminal, BAZAAR offers authentic souvenirs, glass, crystal, porcelain and ceramic products, house textiles, silver, and local culinary delights; the main DUTY FREE store is available for all duty free items; and SWEET DREAMS offers chocolate products; VINTAGE offers wine; food products can be found in the FOOD HALL; KIDS WONDERWORLD offers toys; MAVI offers sportswear; BALLY offers shoes; HOUSE OF CIGARS offers cigars; and there are 11 different stores, including the world-famous HERMES and SALVATORE FERREGAMO, and also, Bulgari, Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna, Palmers, Esprit, Fossil, I-Santi, Longchamps, Silk & Cashmere, Versace and Lacoste and the GOLDEN TOUCH complex, where accessories of several brands are sold; and also three separate Duty Free Stores close to the boarding bridges for last-minute shopping.

FFurthermore, Empire, D&R, Desa, Vakko and Atasay Jewellery, carrying out their own operations under ATÜ are serving passengers at the Departures Terminal, in individual stores.

There are plenty of dining options throughout Istanbul Ataturk Airport, ranging from full-service restaurants and raw bars to spots where you can grab a snack or meal to take onto your flight.

You'll find a full-service Flags World of Food Restaurant, Burger King, Istanbul Cafe, Teras Cafe, Star Cafe, Gloria Jean’s Cafe, Sushi & Mezze Bar, Doluca Bar, Efes Beer Port , Basilico Restaurant,Ton Ton Dönerci,TonTon Pide Lahmacun,Divan Restaurant Pub

Greenfields Sports Bar,It is a venue with a warm interior design, rich choices of beverages and specialties; and perfect for watching sports games with its plasma TV sets. It is also an ideal resting location for meeters and greeters, Gloria Jean’s Cafe, The Gloria Jean's Café at the arrival hall offers various coffees, delicious cakes and sandwiches with a 24-hour service, Coca Cola ,Sandwiches and Coca-Cola products are sold between 07:00-15:00 hours.

Algida Kiosk,It serves various hot and cold beverages and light snacks between 07:00-23:30 hours close to gate number 201,Lipton Kiosk, It serves various hot and cold beverages and light snacks for 24 hours close to gates 213 and 214, Lay's Kiosk, It serves for 24 hours close to gates 207 and 208. Efes Light Point, Efes Flightpoint, close to gates 205, 210 and 211, which has the best views to the airplanes and the apron, serves various hot and cold beverages and light snacks between 07:00-23:30 hours. Nescafe Kiosk,It serves between 07:00-23:30 hours close to gates 216, 217 and 218. Coca Cola Bus Lounge, It is at the mid point of the gates from 301 to 312, offering services for 24 hours. Coca Cola Kiosk,It serves gates 202, 203 and 204 between 07:00 and 23:00 hours. Doluca Bar,It serves Doluca Wine varieties after the passport control area, when there are flights through the new gate 223.


At the Istanbul International Airport Hotel, there are a total of 85 rooms, 64 of which are on the land side and 21, on the air side. In our hotel with a capacity of 112-beds, standard rooms have an area of 32-38 m², and the corner rooms, 48-69 m².

All the rooms have several channels of TV and music broadcast, Internet connection, mini bar and king size beds as standard options. The pastel colours preferred in the rooms and throughout the hotel allow you to rest in a peaceful atmosphere until your time of flight.

Thanks to the flight information that is broadcast continually on channel 37, on the televisions in the rooms, the guests can monitor their flight details. Those who prefer to snack as they rest can enjoy the room service round the clock. HAVAS SHUTTLE SERVICES

Buses run daily at 06:00 and at every half hour between 07:00-23:30.
A stop is also made in Aksaray.
(Fare: 7,500,000 TL)

There is a bus to the airport whenever a flying boat arrives at Bakirkoy from Bostanci.
(Fare: 2,250,000 TL)

Buses run daily between 07:00- 21:00 at every hour.
(Fare: 8,500,000 TL)

Buses run daily between 07.00-21:00 at every hour.
(Fare: 8,500,000 TL)

Buses run daily between 04:00 - 22:00.
A stop is also made in Kızıltoprak.
(Fare: 12,500,000 TL) AIRPORT TAXI

AKSARAY 13,000,000 - 7 20
AVCILAR 11,500,000 - 7 15
BAKIRKOY 5,500,000 - 4 10
BEYKOZ 38,000,000 - 24 50
BOSTANCI 28,000,000 - 18 40
ETİLER 17,500,000 - 13 30
KADIKÖY 24,000,000 - 15 30
KARTAL 36,000,000 - 23 45
MERTER 7,500,000 - 5 15
OKMEYDANI 13,000,000 - 8 25
OTOGAR 12,000,000 - 8 25
S.AHMET 12,500,000 - 8 25
SEFAKOY 5,000,000 - 3 10
SIRKECI 14,000,000 - 9 25
TAKSİM 16,500,000 - 11 30
TARABYA 25,000,000 - 16 40
YESILKOY 4,000,000 - 3 5

The taxi-meter charges a standard fee of 1,050,000 - TL and then charges 790,000 - TL per kilometer.